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Complex-Gaming Tekkit Classic

Awesome server With many Nice People, Nice staff and few banned items, Come and join you too!
- marcub10
Posted 25th Jun 2017
If any of u guys wanna have a good time , if any of u arent to familiar with tekkit , if any of you want to play with alot of people come and join now the community is great losts of fun and helping and giving people and i know what ur thinking right now ░░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░
Posted 21st Jun 2017
If you are new to Tekkit Classic, i highly recommend this Server. The Community of this Server, is by far the most friendliest community i've ever seen. They are always helping you if you don't know anything, and are happy to help you. Don't miss it out playing on here :).
- Aerthom
Posted 21st Jun 2017
This is a great server for anyone who likes protected builds and a friendly community, the staff care about ALL players and they are always on. This is a great server for anyone who is starting tekkit or has been playing for years! 10/10 would recommend!
-PTX_Pentatonix (Gallagher)
Posted 20th Jun 2017
This server is one of the best tekkit classic servers out there. Guaranteed or your money back. I will now list all the reasons for it being great in full...
1. There is a very wide variety of players on the server
2. As soon as you join the server you can take a good 30 minutes relishing in the beautiful appearance of spawn, truly something to admire
3. The /kit starter helps the player get started right away, which you can effectively use about every 68 years
4. As you walk around you will be filled with inspiration and determination striving to be like everyone else whom at this moment are much better then you
5. As you are starting to build and craft things you may ask the chat any question and they will happily answer it for a cost of only $0.00
6. You will pass the time with utmost haste as you slowly become the best like no one ever was amongst the server
7. You may apply for a staff position which is always a good thing, if you're lucky/talented or just lied on the application enough you'll be ready to help others or raze chaos amongst the server, you pick
8. They're are player shops so you can become a successful business owner, or find out you can't survive in this kind of market and thus think about other ways to make a living
9. You can receive free things upon doing small tasks for the owner, a very common gift being red matter or rm for short
10. Finally, you can always feel safe and reassured by that fact that there is always staff present that are looking out for you

Sincerely - A tekkit classic modpack enthusiast
Posted 15th Jun 2017

Absolutely amazing server. Would highly recommend to anyone that is starting off with tekkit or has been playing it for a while. Great staff and players. Feels like a good community and everyone is connected and helpful towards each other.
Posted 15th Jun 2017
Very good server! Admins or Mods are always online. Very active economy. Everyone friendly and willing to help. I highly recommend this server.

Posted 15th Jun 2017