This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.6.4]SwordTek[PvP/PvE][25 Slots][Custom Modpack]


The server is now fixed! I had to transfer the node location along with several internal server fixes, which accounts for the long down-time, but now I'm pretty sure it is working! I updated the modpack also for some client-side config fixes and the autoloading of the server IP on the multiplayer list.
Happy Minecrafting!

All of this information can be found on our Technic Pack Modpack page:

Our forums also has our server information, installation instructions, and much more information! Go to it at:

Highlight the links and paste them into the browser bar (individually, of couse)or right-click and click "go to...", as this posting isn't allowing me to hyperlink. :(

Official Server IP:

To add our pack to the Technic Launcher,

  1. Open the Technic Launcher.
  2. Click "Add New Pack".
  3. In the box paste
  4. Click "Add Modpack".
  5. Click "PLAY" and allow the modpack to download.
  6. Go to multiplayer and select the server that will automatically be there!

Welcome and thank you for checking out the official SwordTek Server and it's Custom Modpack! This modpack is fun for everyone, with it's wide range of mods. You have the freedom to do whatever you wish, whether it be technology, magic, adventure, programming, biology, and much, much more! So what are you waiting for? Come on and join us on our official server, and delve into your journey!

If you like our modpack, please give us a +1! It helps us so much! (Not to mention, but if you do +1 the modpack, you'll recieve two diamonds in the server! (Remind me when I get online or a staff member gets online.))

If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to notify our staff on the server or leave a comment under the discussion tab!

For more information, see our server post on the Technic Forums at and feel free to express your concerns, comments, or suggestions there!

Mod List:
Advanced Machines
Advanced Solar Panels (IC2 Addon)
Applied Energistics
Ars Magica 2
Atomic Science
Basic Components
Carpenter's Blocks
Damage Indicators
Dimensional Anchors
Dr. Cyano's Basic Buildcraft Machines
Flan's Mod (WW2, Parts, Titan, and Modern Weapons Packs)
Forestry Extras
IndustrialCraft 2
Infernal Mobs
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chest
MineFactory Reloaded
Modular Powersuits
More Records Mod
Nether Ores
Not Enough Items
PowerCrystals Core
Rei's Minimap
Secret Rooms Mod
Steves Carts 2
SGCraft (Stargate Craft)
Thaumcraft 4
Thermal Expansion
Wireless Redstone

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