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Do you ever play a game and think: “ Man… it would be nice if I had a fun group of people to play with.” Well that’s our goal. At the UnworthyGaming Network our goal is to make a fun and safe environment for gamers of all ages to meet and play games together, our 24/7 staff ensure the quality assurance of our members.We also host game servers so that while you are talking with people you will have a unified place to meet up and play in! Along with that, we host tournaments, gatherings, events, trading posts, and caravans! This is for a large number of games, and if we don't have a channel on teamspeak for the game that you play just contact one of our staff, we will add it within minutes of the request! But don’t take it from me, see for yourself!

Clear The Casuals, And Be Worthy - UnworthyGaming!

Unworthy Votz info:

Keep Inventory: ON

Full Galacticraft Enabled

Antimatter Enabled

Actively working to unban items

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