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Welcome to Landlife 2.0 We ar a server with a friendly community and a remarkably good adult staff team. On our server u can obtain all items and commands without the need to donate. We ar no pay to win server were you get spammed every 5 mins to donate on our server we have no advertisement !

As of today 17th june 2014 We have introduced the biggest change Landlife has ever received! Our new worlds, games, and completely new gaming experiences is only a step away! Our new "MainWorld" (MW), a completely new survival world, fitted with the things you need to stay happy! Our new and improved spawn, usershops, adminshop, minigames are there for you! We are also introducing a series of new changes, More items unbanned, plugins added, new staff, new minigames and more!

Join us at :

Landlife's number one goal is to bring to you a unique and exciting experience in Minecraft and we accompolish that by: - Having very few banned items so you can craft many items. - We bring many worlds to keep the community entertained including: Survival World, No EE2 World, PvP World. - We offer a variety of mini-games including: Mob arena, paint ball CTF and many others so come see for yourself. - we have a newly designed futuristic spawn with easy guidance from signs. - We have a diverse economy with user and Admin shops for players to shop at. - There is a ranking system that goes from "Guest" to "Infinite".

We offer a unique and diverse economy. we offer you Firstly your regular money capable of buying things in user shops. and secondly we have Ic Credits which are used for either selling or trading for goods at the various trade o mats.

We now have a new and improved voting reward system. Instead of receiving 2 Diamonds, 1 IC Coin, 250 coins and 75 Claimblocks you'll now receive the following for voting. - 5 Diamonds - 2 IC Coins - 500 coins - 100 Claimblocks - 1 Dark Matter

Griefing, duplicating and hacking is not allowed. We want to offer our community a non-cheating experience so you get that "Accomplishment Feeling". Our server also has an anti grief protection plug-in so those pesky griefers cant steal or destroy your stuff.

We have a total of 13 ranks ranging from Guest to Infinite so you have something to work towards. our ranks are time based. With these ranks you'll also unlock certain permissions such as /feed and /heal to just name a few.

One of the major things on our server is that we don't have restrictions on mk.1 and mk.2 energy collectors.

IP to server: Server Website: Our Teamspeak:

THIS SERVER IS NOT A PAY TO WIN SERVER, EVERYTHING YOU DO CAN BE DONE WITHOUT DONATING If this server sounds like its for you come and take a visit you won't be disappointed! See you soon.

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