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The Official Nosiphus Server

pin_drop (private server)

First launched on Monday, June 24, 2013 as a private server for members of Nosiphus, the Nosiphus Modded Server eventually spread out as a public server with an international presence of about 50 players in the summer of 2014. Since then, the server has been reset a few times and is now mostly used by Nosiphus members, but we still welcome and allow non-local players.

The theme of the server since 2015 has been roughly the same: the server emulates a modernized version of the United States during the 1950s, complete with drive-in theaters and malt shops. We've constructed massive road networks and housing districts, but we've also added futuristic locations like space stations and a massive underground laboratory. There's also some fantasy elements courtesy of Thaumcraft and SGCraft, allowing you to practice magic and travel through stargates.

It's a lot of fun to play on, but the Telkit modpack has become very large and resource-demanding in the last few months due to Minecraft 1.12.2. Still, if your computer can handle the modpack, you should come in and play: it's a lot of fun.

Some of the biggest mods installed on this server are Applied Energistics 2, BuildCraft, Galacticraft, IndustrialCraft 2, Project:Red, and Thermal Expansion.

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