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Hexxit.Quantekk.Net – We are one of the best Hexxit servers out there, with a record amount of players. Do like to play Hexxit with other players? Then you should be right here with us! We offer you the great Hexxit feeling from the single player now available in multiplayer. We restrict you as little as possible so that you can also use their full Hexxit! With our 2 Dedicated 32GB E3-1240v3 servers with DDos protection to handle any attack we can confirm that we have the best uptime in all Hexxit servers will all crashes fixed, we have very little banned items, With our PvP And PvE servers we have very little lag and we can handle 250+ players with no lag at all, we have a constant 20TPS and our uptime is amazing. Come and join us in our mini-games server with Loads of minigames like QuakeCraft – HungerGames – TeamFortress2 – And many more! :D

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