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AJGaming Modded Network

AJGaming Modded Network


Welcome to the AJGaming Network, the new leader in Modded Minecraft! We value all of our players and support so if you are having issues contact us on discord

We have a large variety of modpacks, from the basic modded survival with anti-grief systems to our all new Modded skyblock server. We are always adding new modpacks, updates and more so if there isn't anything for you make sure to request it and we will add it!

Our Modpacks
Wizard Academy: - 1.7.10 Magic PVP, Raiding.
In a world where your survival depends on your magic skills, wizards are the elite class. You must survive off other people's mistakes.
Advanced Wizardry: - 1.7.10 Magic & Tech PVE.
Start of with little to no resources and build you empire together or alone. Experiment with all of our added mods for a tech and magical experience! Join the server to play with friends and battle it out with foes!
VoidPack2: - 1.7.10 Modded Skyblock.
The sequel to the completely forgotten, kinda lame and rather buggy: "VoidPack Skyblock." Now perfected (mostly) as an exiting custom skyblock adventure roughly based on SkyFactory.

AJGaming has been in the works for over a four years now and we are happy to see we are only growing! We have made stable relationships with other companies and designers that work with us to bring you a clean user-friendly experience. From our website to our servers we can guarantee you will enjoy it!

See you online soon!

Friendly staff, friendly members! They are really helpful and annoyingly generous with designs and events
Posted 27th Aug 2018
Great server with great staff and balanced mods for wonderfull time spending
Posted 24th Dec 2017
Words Can't describe the server...
Posted 27th Jul 2017
Best modpacks ever! They even do weekly karaoke with their community which is really awesome. Best magic pack that there is and they have a great Skyblock pack :D
Posted 27th May 2017
Great community and staff. Hope for a bigger store but overall really nice.
Posted 1st Mar 2017
This server is really cool! Magic and Tech all in one server! Extremely happy that I found it. The community is really nice and welcoming also. Would recommend to all players.
Posted 1st Mar 2017
This server is awesome! Really fun to play on and a really nice community. Been a while since I've played on a modded server that doesn't lag and has magic! Can't wait for the community to grow even bigger as this server really deserves it.
Posted 18th Feb 2017