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Yup its finally done! After a Beta run.
We fixed up Tekkit Classic and remade the entire world.

Feel free to give it a try! Almost NO banned items.


This is a SEMI - GRIEFING server. Meaning, you can grief to your liking in Wilderness. Towns are NON griefing.

General Info:

  • Semi griefing (read above)
  • Towny
  • Multiworld
  • Minigames
  • Bug/exploit fixing


  • You are only allowed to grief in the wild
  • Respect all players (staff / regular players)
  • Don't overdo caps and keep swearing, spamming to a bare minimum
  • Advertising other servers is a ban. There's other places enough to do so.
  • Do not ask for time changes
  • Don't ask for items from donators or admins
  • Don't give away items from donator kits
  • No cheats, no hacks.
  • No abuse of exploits! Report them instead

Banned Items:

  • All chunkloaders
  • (Advanced) Item loader
  • Destruction Catalist is limited to the nether.

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