This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Coolax Voltz[PvP-Factions][Nothing Banned]


Server Ip -

Server Website -

Rules of Coolax Voltz -

  1. Don't hack.

  2. Don't spam, be racist or sexist.

  3. Be respectful.

  4. Call lag "taco"

  5. Don't try to grief Spawn or else.

  6. No Duping

  7. No Tp killing or PvP logging

As of right now, we have no banned items!

Some Major plugins of Coolax Voltz are -

  1. Essentials

  2. Factions

  3. Votifier

  4. BosEconomy

  5. Announcer

  6. World Edit

  7. World Guard

  8. Clear Lagg

  9. PermsissionsEx

Coolax Voltz is a factions PvP all out war server. As we have great staff and all crashes under control, you can grief as much as you want. We also have enough money to keep the server going and going!

Our server rarely crashes. Its like a crash per week. Our staff are responsive, they will respond to all your needs. If you are new to Voltz, just tell one of our staff and he will teleport you to a world where you will have no grief or PvP. We will explain every bit of Voltz and how it works.

Taco may be client side or server side! If it is server side, please make a post on the website and we will try to upgrade out hardware! If you have client side lag (Low FPS), here are some ways to eliminate it -

  1. Get optifine.

  2. Get java 64 bit and accumulate more ram.

  3. Try running with less programs.

  4. Try deleting some client side mods. (NEI or MiniMap)

If you want to see if the server is tacoing use the command '/e lag'. If the server is below 18TPS, which it is rarely, that means the server is lagging and the owners are working to fix it.

If you don't feel safe visiting our website you can just easily go to out information center in spawn. We have professional Builders who made our awesome spawn.

Also we decided to make out server 24/7 because we know that some people really want to play Minecraft the whole day.

The server also has built in functionality which allows it to restart on a crash. However, this dose not need to happen as it rarely crashes!

We wont run into a lot of bugs as we have MCPC. Our announcements will allow you to keep you up to date on all things.

Because I really don't do anything else then manage this server, (I don't have a life) I have spent a week managing the configuration files and all the other stuff. Also I have gotten some very mature (also funny) staff to help me you!

We also wont spam you guys to vote or donate because we think it is just stupid. We are also not like servers to support "pay 2 play" or "pay 2 win" or even "Donate to use this item". That is just so stupid of them as everyone no matter what should enjoy gameplay of a good server!

Our staff will never, ever shoo you off or make you mad because they have been tested for 2 weeks at least. 2 weeks of gameplay and staff instructions is a lot, so they would never ever misbehave. We are also working on a system, if we get enough donations we will actually pay our top staff monthly! That will only happen if you guys donate. Also as i already stated, we dont have any donor only items.

As you see in the title, out motto is - Gaming Evolved. That means we try to take Gaming to the next level.

We have returned! After being down for an year, Coolax-Gaming is back for buisness!

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