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The Isla - A unique and impressive survival experi


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IP: or
CraftMine is required to join! Click here to get it!

On The Isla, we offer unique features such as:

  • 100+ unique biomes!
  • New mobs (such as fish, whales, heatscar spiders, etc...)
  • Upgradeable chests and furnaces
  • XP Chests
  • Advanced anti-xray and other services to ensure a fair experience
  • And a lot more!

On The Isla, we made our own content pack for Minecraft to make sure we can make your experience as great as possible, whilst making sure it's as easy to use as normal Minecraft, to minimize lag and to minimize hackers. Easy install and well worth getting!

Get CraftMine (our content pack) at:


  • 128GB of RAM
  • Minimal lag
  • Spigot and MCPC+ powered
  • Java 7
  • 64 player slots and will rise as we get more popular


We offer two separate survival worlds, each with their own experiences.


  • The difficulty is set to normal
  • Raiding is allowed
  • PVP is allowed


  • The difficulty is set to hard
  • Raiding is not allowed
  • PVP is not allowed

We do not allow griefing at all on our server.

Exclusive features

  • XP chest so that you can store your XP like you store items in a chest.
  • Craftable backpacks so that you can expand the capacity of your inventory.
  • New mobs such as lava monsters in caves, and nitro creepers.
  • Loads of new ores, weapons, tools, armor, chests and furnaces.
    ...And more...

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