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Lost Sorcery Retribution


It was quiet. One world, familiar and bright, sinks slowly into darkness, scattered to the void and lost in time.

A new world rises in its place, old magics imbuing the land and the ruins of a civilisation scattered across it.

Will you follow the path of the proud Thaumaturge, essences boiling away in a hidden lab and golems following your every move?

Perhaps take on the role of a Spell caster, parchments and quills covering your desk as you draw rune after rune?

Will the call of a blade bring you to sacrifice and blood lust in search of power, or will you take on the essence of Nature and dabble in Witchery, curses whispered at midnight as your animal companion stalks nearby and your coven cackles from the shadows?

Vampires and Werewolfs square off in a battle of blood rights and pride, until the silver bullets and garlic-infused stakes of the Hunters descend upon them.

Stars rain from the sky, bringing with them a mysterious power that few can harness.

Find your calling in this new land, and draw on the power locked inside, or flounder in the darkness as your own magic overtakes you.

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