This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Ribbit Tekkit! (Tekkit 1.9.2e)


Welcome to Ribbit Tekkit!


  1. Have fun! Be respectful, but overall just have fun!

  2. Griefing in the wild is allowed but bypassing grief prevention is a punishable offense.

  3. Pvp is allowed, but be warned it's at a cost to yourself, if you're trying to save money avoid pvp.

  4. Any third party clients or mods aren't allowed to be used on the server.

  5. Please do not exploit glitches or bugs on the server, depending on the severity of the exploit you could be banned.

  6. Spamming other servers or just spamming in general will get you muted without warning.

Banned Items:



Chunk Loaders


Matter Cannon

Lux Capacitors


Rocket Launcher

Explosive Fishing Rod



All of these items either bypass our grief prevention, bypass pvp in non pvp areas, or cause lag to the server. we're looking for ways to unban many of the items, so this list is not final.

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