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Infinity Realms

Infinity Realms [Tekkit Classic]


We are not just a Tekkit Classic server, we are a tightly knit community of people who love to create and expand our work. We treat with every player as a unique person, not just as a potential donation. Our server is a Raiding server, with factions to protect your territory. We also have essentials (of course), with all reasonable commands enabled, so /tpa, /home, /back, /ping, /spawn, and the likes are all enabled for your convenience. We have exceptional hardware so the resource hungry beast we call "Tekkit" is contained and run without lag. This server is run on on a dedicated server, with 10GB of RAM and 6 Xeon cores. Our server is 24/7, and should not go down. We also run on a network backbone with 100Mbps download and 30Mbps Upload link.

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