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KingpinNetwork Tekkit Legends



Welcome to KingpinNetwork!
Will you stand in the shadows and follow, or will you take the throne and become the greatest Kingpin of them all!

Some info about the Network!
There is plenty of room in our community for newcomers, so come on in! We want to create a network of dedicated members, willing to develop as the network grows. The KingpinNetwork is a community built upon trial and error, and over the years of research, we have finally launched the Kingpin Network. We are looking for ALL types of active members....yes even you trolls have a place to call home! We discriminate no one!

A little info about the Owners!
Currently, there are two Network Owners:
CR3DITorD3BIT & Phoodie

We are both dedicated owners looking to create a community of players who want to help build upon what we have started. We wanted to make more than an ordinary Minecraft server, but a Network, the Kingpin Network. We found that an ordinary Minecraft server couldn't help build a community of all ages, receive that daily dose of unique entertainment that can brighten up anyone's day. So we sought out something more....The KingpinNetwork. Don't be fooled, we may be a new network, but there is more to us than meets the eye. We both have high hopes, big dreams, and a lot of determination. Join us in this new endeavour, and help us make create the best community in Minecraft.

What our Network Offers!
Join us at:
When you first join you will find yourself in a handbuilt spawn from: 1.2.5....yes it's that old. Though we have updated to its current version, 80% was made from way back in the old days of Minecraft.
As of right now our network only offers Tekkit Legends due to development issues, but we plan on realeasing Hexxit, FTB, and many more modded minecraft servers in late July/early august of 2016; each of these modded server will consist of minigames, casinos, and many fun extras. We also have a good friend of ours also working on a special modpack for our community (yet to be named or have a realease date)!

A little info about our Donation System!
We wanted to create a balanced and affordable donation system because any amount helps us out. We didn't want to have a huge pay to win type of community, like most of those money hungry servers. Some of the benefits of donating are:

  • Crate Keys
  • Titles
  • Kits
  • In-Game Currency
    and much more to come!
    If you're interested in donating to not only benefit yourself in game, but also the KingpinNetwork community, follow this link:

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