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Just Another Tekkit Server

Just Another Tekkit Server



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As the title implies, we are, quite simply, just another Tekkit server out there in the Minecraft Universe. Using the Tekkit Legends modpack, our server brings the joys of Tekkit Classic with a more modern pool of items and mobs to choose from. While we may not be the most modern Minecraft version (this modpack runs on 1.7.10,) it definitely brings that modern feel that the classic Tekkit Classic (1.2.5) failed to bring.


We here at JATS are regular players, just like you, whom enjoy Minecraft with a twist. We like to explore, spelunk, mine, build, and push the game to its limits with our creations. While our Spawn Town may be of a simple design, the planning behind it went through several iterations before it came to be what it is today. How you wish to build is entirely up to you (within reason, of course) and you have the option of protecting your creations through the use of the Grief Prevention plugin.


Honestly? Nothing, really. Tekkit is a complicated modpack that even the most seasoned veterans can sometimes find more challenging than the vanilla game. Redstone is no longer the only way to power those complicated mechanical builds you make (and, in some instances, redstone is completely useless to do that.)

As mentioned before, you have the option of claiming your builds through the use of Grief Prevention- a plugin which many a player whom has played on a server is likely familiar with by now. And, trust me, dear Player, you're going to need it. Spawn Town is a safe place for you to stay and wait out the night, but when you leave the area, the many monsters of the twilight will be the least of your worries. Your fellow players are also vicious predators waiting to cut your life short and steal your goods. For the brave, the outsiders in the world can be invited into your homes to wage war in an attempt to lay seige to your stronghold. As the 95th Rule of Acquisition states: "Expand or die." But, worry not new Players, as we have also included the ability to teleport to a random set of coordinates in the world.

To keep things interesting, we are not going to give out the the DynMap plugin to the public at this time. We give you the tools for your survival. You must use them to survive to the best of your ability. Live long and prosper, Players.

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