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Ambient Craft - {200 Mods, 30,000 Items, 230 Monst

Some Features
A list of our pack's most prestigious mods
Mini-Tutorial for how to add our modpack
Biomes O'Plenty Showcase
Our mall

Server Info:

Ambient Craft was started by a group of veteran minecraft players who are exhausted by changing servers, map wipes, terrible lag, and a lack of staff who can take care of a server's problems. Our goal is to minimize, if not eliminate all these issue to provide a fun, relaxed, and mature environment. We want things to be a challenge, and with that we want to provide the time and appropriate setting for our players to achieve these goals. Ambient Craft - Reloaded was created for our players who wanted more of a challenge and rewarding environment.

Server Address:

Java 64bit only, this is a massive mod-pack and requires more than 1 GB of RAM to run it on your client smoothly.

Our Pack:

Our Address:

ModPack Info:

When creating our pack, we aimed to propose a challenge to our players but with reward for hard-work. Our modpack has over 200 mods! Including IC2 Experimental, Archimedes Ships, Traincraft, Thaumcraft 4, Rotary Craft, Reactor Craft, BuildCraft, Computer Craft, Pams Harvest Craft, DecoCraft, Plant MegaPack, Metallurgy 3, Biomes o'Plenty, Mo'Creatures, Mutant Creatures, and many many more! We plan to continue adding to our modpack, whether its because a new mod comes out or our community requests it, we'll try our best to provide an awesome modded experience! (More Info Here)


• 200+ Mods
• Hardmode
• Donator Perks
• Kits
• Custom Menu and Music mod
• Custom Sound Enviroments
• MyTown Grief Prevention
• Lockette Chest Protection
• iConomy
• Shops
• 230+ Monsters
• 24k World Border
• Minimal Banned Items
• Low Lag
• Easy Vote
• Ranks
• Professional Staff
• 30,000 Items

Server Stats:

4 core Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2 processor at 3.4 GHz
I 6 GB Dedicated DDR3 RAM I
1 Gigabyte Connection with InterNAP smart routing I 47ms Ping Average across the United States I Server Located in Boston. MA


*"This server is the s!" - evilwilkie
"I love this server, I refuse to play anywhere else again"
- ZloyKinoman
"Top 5 servers I've ever played on. Theres no lag and a great staff."
- gardiner_1 "How can they have so many players, so many mods, and so little lag? This is amazing!" - B1ind "I was skeptical if what they boast would be true or not. They've held up to their words!" - GodReaper "this server is good, the admins are nice and i have fun here" - harrypm "I'm always amazed at how quickly the Staff can fix a problem and keep the server running so well!" - AmosTheAnus**

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