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Keneti Tekkit Lite Network


Keneti Minecraft Tekkit Lite Network

We use Grief Prevention on the server for you to protect your land, you can trust friends to your claim and build with them together, or if you’re the lone wolf type, you can be that too.

We have very few staff to keep it a player based server and allow you to enjoy your game play without being micro managed by people who seek to control you. You don’t need to worry about abusive staff.
We have active Swear Filters to protect young players from the most common types of trash talk and have a punishment process for rule breakers. You can play and have fun without being subject to abusive players.

There are some restricted items on the servers to keep it all balanced and prevent people ruining the economy with cheats and glitches that would otherwise spoil the fun, there are commands in game detailing all the limits and restrictions for your convenience.

Check Out the DYNMap to see the whole customised Overworld Map

Live Map of Survival

We also have a custom Nether.

7 Free Progressive Ranks

When you join the server for the first time, you will be in the starting rank of Migrant, quickly progressing on to Servant within the first hour of play, after that, the world is yours to conquer!

  • Migrant
  • Servant
  • Peasant
  • Denizen
  • Citizen
  • Knight
  • Lord

5 Donator Ranks

For those players that love Multiplayer and love to give that little extra back to servers, we have 5 ranks that donors can get to show our appreciation.
We are a non-profit server and all donations go into expanding and maintaining the server and making it all that more enjoyable for all players. if you are Male or Female it matters not, you can select what gender you want to play as for the donor ranks!

  • Baron / Baroness
  • Earl / Countess
  • Duke / Duchess
  • King / Queen
  • Emperor / Empress

A lot of popular Tekkit servers have banned items such as Computer Craft and Quarries, we DO NOT, You can use these mods on the server, there is an unlock to these in the free ranks, so all players can use these.

The only real way you'll know for sure, if we are what you're looking for is to come and have a try! :D

Great Server! Love the set-up, great staff, great players and friendly helpful everyone. I was new to Tekkit and now i know most of the pack, its still fun after a year of playing here.

I started out as a regular player and after a while donated to the server and i am happy with everything. could ask more from the server owner iMasonite and look forward to playing for another year more, and another one after that!
Posted 5th Dec 2017
Its a very great and friendly environment! The owner is always look for player feedback, and not only listen to us, but also makes the changes we want happen!
Posted 5th Dec 2017
This is a great server with lots of freind faces and lots of interesting landscapes due to a new world map with custom biomes. Mature and reasoning staff and lots of plugins for things like money, VIP/Donator bonuses and of course LOTS of protection from greif. Great place to be!
Posted 12th Jul 2017
A fantastic place to play with even more fantastic people as long as you follow the rules.
Posted 12th Jul 2017
"Overall, how do you feel about this server? Please consider all parts of the server such as the features available, the staff, the community and the reliability."

I feel great overall, every part of the server is outstanding, the staff are great and are very helpful when issues come up. The community is great and the staff quickly eject trolls and racist people that join just to be a troll.

There is the occasional lag spike every 40 or so mins but that can be expected with Tekkit (not sure if its my internet connection or the server though).

Overall I love this server and will continue to play as much as I can!
Posted 12th Jul 2017
Great Server!

Great Staff, Friendly community, Very little lag for Tekkit Lite servers, good vote rewards (items and in game money) great Economy & Shops!

Fair rules and good easy website! Thanks to the staff for keeping this awesome mod pack alive!
Posted 12th Jul 2017
Please remove the fake modpack tags. This is a Tekkit Lite server.
Posted 25th May 2017
I love this server to death. This is a great server, even though the community may be small, they make up for that with compassion and determination. The staff are great and the community helpful. This is an amazing server and frankly, the best Tekkit Lite server I've seen.
My only problem is server side lag. The server may lag a bit from time to time, this isn't a problem with your computer. Sometimes you hit a zombie and nothing will happen, and then you end up dead. This is a very minor problem that I've seen on a lot of servers. Anyway this server is amazing and you should try it out!
P.S I spent time I could have been playing on the server writing this. What a waste of time.
Posted 16th Apr 2017
Great community, great staff, great server, cool mods, cool plugins, easy generous voting rewards.

What more can be said? Awesome server.
Posted 4th Apr 2017
This a great server with lots of cool customisations, makes a change from the standard Tekkit servers that all seem the same "outa the box".

Nothing bad to say about this server at all, all the players and staff are helpful and I have had no issues playing or getting help so far.
Posted 4th Apr 2017
Very few staff that don't really pay attention to what's going on unless money is involved. They may be online all day, but they're typically afk. Many players are also rude too, but when the staff see it they do typically take care of it.
The server replied:
You're an admin on another Tekkit Lite server, throwing mud at another server to reduce the competitions rating, good job man, life goal reached?
Posted 28th Mar 2017
Best tekkit lite server ever. awesome custom maps, like the mountains are breath takingly good! Please keep this server going forever!
Posted 8th Oct 2016
Cool well balanced Tekkit server, I've enjoyed playing so far. Great helpful community and server admin.

Love the ranking up feature, never seen this before done like this. Well done. Thanks!
Posted 8th Oct 2016
Hello! If you are reading this, that means you might be looking for a Tekkit Lite server, and let me tell you something, You found the best server to play it!

--> Great Features:
*Active Admins;
*Always looking to improve the server!
*Dedicated worlds(servers) for Survival and Quarry! = No lag!
*Friendly and Active Community!
*Ranks with requirements for all players to unlock items and donator ranks with features!
*Great in-game shops and site shops with good prices!
*Strict Rules to keep the server clean of toxic players and griefers and to keep economy up and running!
*and More!!

Community offers:
*Great shops with prices -%50 worth!
*Helping new players!
*and more!!

*My History*
I started to play Keneti since 27 or 28 June 2016 and i having alot of fun, it's a challenge to play and rank up to unlock more items and limits to upgrade my base!
Made alot of friends, you never get bored of this server! there is always someone to chat and to help when needed!

So what you waiting?! Join us and have fun!
Posted 4th Aug 2016
the best server you will find on tekkit lite even in all of minecraft
would recomend to a friend if i was not on it all the time
Posted 12th Jul 2016
Great server. Once joined you had all the information in a book. The Staff was very helpful and so was the community. The server has many features which can benefit players as they play. The ranking and limits system is amazing giving the players the effort to rank up gaining access to new items and mod packs. This also allows them to increase their limits are certain blocks which can help them progress further into the game.

I highly recommend joining this server. Come and join Us!!!
Posted 11th Jul 2016
It has a good connection, although I live far from the server. it has great uptime, over 95%. The only thing I find is that it is a bit buggy (could just be the pack) and that most blocks i need to use for my base are locked behind a rank. Not like A-pay-For-It-Rank but like a free class. I do find that server would be more fun if blocks aren't behind barriers. I get and understand the banned reasons, but the other ones are just for playtime or to keep the server running otherwise. It's a good server. You should play on it.
Posted 11th Jul 2016
Love this server!
All the info is given at the start in a book. Staff helped me when I joined and went above and beyond to get me started. Never had that on any other server.
Some really good players on there who are happy to help also. Anything I am unsure of they can help if staff are not on.
The shops are fab, can get everything I need from them.
My favourite thing is the quarry system with the use of stations and using an emerald to protect my quarry making it so easy. No one can take my ores whilst I am quarrying.
Happy to play there and be part of the family
Posted 11th Jul 2016
Great server, Great helpful staff and Great Community, I joined some time ago and this server keeps getting better.

Love the server layout and ranking system, the shops are great and used more than most servers I've seen.

I just love playing this server xD

The only dislike I have is that, you now reading this are not playing on the server :D
Posted 11th Jul 2016