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The Realm of Mianite


The Realm of Mianite is a server about surviving and co-operation...although you can choose to be alone. This modpack contains over 100 different mods - adding loads of new items, blocks, materials etc etc. Three gods live in this world: Dianite, Mianite and Ianite. Lord Dianite, the God of the Realm of Fire, Mianite is the god of fair, good, just doings and is rivals with his brother Dianite and Ianite, the Goddess of Neutrality and Justice of the End.

This server has no's vanilla but has all these mods to make things interesting and the server runs on dedicated hardware. Tired of lag on other servers? You will find none here.

Server Information
Realm of Mianite 1.0.3: <------------ Include the port.

To download the modpack click Modpacks at the top of the technic launcher search "Realm of Mianite" - may take a while to install the mod pack.


  • Over 100 mods with many new things!
  • No spawn just like the series - just a new world for you to build and explore on.
  • A magic system within the mods for you to explore (Unless you already know how to get the power of magic!)
  • A morph system, kill mobs or other players and become them. Found a bat? Kill it and fly as one.
  • And a lot more!

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