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Industrial Conquest

A picture of the server

A picture of the server

This is a player getting ready to take off in their Aeroplane,

Click here to download the modpack!

Make sure to join the official server when you get on the modpack. Just press the "Industrial Conquest Server" button.

Industrial Conquest is accepting Staff. Go to under "Staff Application" and apply.

This is a story of war. The nations of a land far, far away have arised and are battling for dominance. Battling for resources using their abilities to control the gases around them, experting in sharpshooting and sword combat. The nations have learned to combine over forty different types of metal to forge the strongest of weapons. They have learned to craft the farthest and fastest shooting firearms. They have learned to tame the gases around them. They have learned to train beasts to do their bidding. And they have learned to make their foes bend to their will. But one question still remains. Which one nation will rise to the top? Controlling the others? And do they know of one player who will change their fate and mark their name in the history of this great land. That player is you.

Imagine beatiful terrain with realistic hills, vast oceans and massive continents with large biomes. We have custom terrain that requires you to actually travel where you want to go with vehicles such as tanks, planes and armoured cars. The terrain looks very realistic and the biomes are quite large. The currently known continents are Nubila, Silvestris and Truncatis but there are mostlikely more out there to discover!

We want you to have a very immersive experience on Industrial Conquest. Thats why the only teleportation on the server is /t spawn and /t outpost but only for your own town. We want you to use your planes and ships to travel the vast oceans to attack your rivals on the other continents.

This server uses the unique idea of towny warfare! On this server you get all the commodities of towny with protection over your land. The only way you can get raided is if another nation declares war on you and kill enough players in your town and takes it over! More will be explained about towny warfare on the server.

On Industrial Conquest we have many different types of weapons! We have dozens of guns, explosives, and even a bi-plane! Also with Tinker's Construct you can create custom weapons made with combinations of over 40 different types of new metals and alloys!

We exercise the use of a running economy on Industrial Conquest! You can make money in a multitude of ways! You can make money by selling ingame items with /sell or buy with /buy, /market, You can earn money by playing out pvp arena game, or you can get money simply by voting!

Ever wanted to create your own multinational company in Minecraft? Well now you can on Industrial Conquest! You can hire other players as workers, give wages, create jobs, and have your own company bank in which you can hold all your earnings and become rich!

-Dynamic Sword Skills

-Mine and Battle Gear

-Ancient Warfare 2

-Archimedes Ships

-Better Storage


-Biblio Woods (Biomes O' Plenty)

-Biomes O' Plenty

-Boiler Plate

-Carpenters Blocks

-Chisel 2

-Code Chicken Core

  • CoFHCore

  • Craft heraldry

  • Custom Main Menu

  • Custom NPC's

  • CyanosLootable Bodies

  • Extra TiC

  • Flans Mod

  • Ye olde flans pack

  • modern weapons flans pack

  • FlaxBeard's SteamPower

-Glenns Gases

-Gases Framework

-Grappling Hook mod

-Immersive Engineering

-Inventory Tweaks

-Lycanites Mobs


-Map Writer


-Metallurgy Core


-Player API



-Steam Craft 2

-Tinker's Construct

-TiC Tool Tips

  • Waila

  • Wawla

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