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Arcadia Network Voltz [Patched]

Arcadia Spawn

Arcadia Spawn

Thankyou for stopping by, Arcadia Network's Voltz server has been around since 2013 and has been reducing its banned list constantly!
Today we have The moon and space stations fully usable. Red Matter fully enabled, Power fists all working and even the Matter Canon is unbanned!
Great staff support so we will always be there to help you if you need it.
The server has MCMMO and you can even gain money from killing mobs.
We use the Factions plugin for player base protection.
We also have player mines which get reset every 30 minutes!
Full shop & donator shop available!

Voting now gives players $5000 per vote & a chance to receive extra goodies!

So stop by come take a look and we hope you enjoy your time on Arcadia.

The server is nice but the staff is horrible. The owners are obvious to reckless staff and do nothing about it.
Posted 3rd Nov 2017
Amazing staff- Friendly players- always up- hard to find bases which makes it good because then you wont get raided within a week of playing ;)
Posted 19th May 2017