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Dusty Servers Voltz ][ Survival ][ Factions ][ PvP


Dusty Servers Voltz ][ Survival ][ Factions ][ PvP ][ Grief ][ Raid

24/7 NO LAG With 10slots and two hour restarts!

We are a new community, looking for staff and regular players!

We will soon be starting some more games servers!

There are only 3 Banned items! Redmatter - Item router - Enchantment router! These items are only banned for lag and dupe reasons!

Vote in-game for $100 with /vote!

Create a faction with your friends, claim land and raid land! The world is yours to do as you please!

We have a in-game shop, where you can buy many items, including mod items!

Player shops can also be bought, so you can sell all of your items!

Friendly admin community who will help sort your problems in no-time!

See you there!


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