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Tech Savvy Official Server


Well we all know what im about to say.... that you should come and join my server and that it is the best one around well while some of those might be true im not going to because you probley wont even join if i just tell you to i have to give you some reasons first off if you feel like you want some perks latter on the ranks are litterly the cheepest that there are. Second we have extreamly nice staff and we are not stuiped (like some people) we know how to fix our servers we know how to code and all that other fun jazz. But you might say how do i join? Well a lot of people have joined the modpack how ever they have not seen the server ip. First of to join you need to install the modpack. There are two ways that you can download the modpack. You can either download it on the technic launcher or the curse launcher (yes curse has a launcher) then you just use the ip above (or below im not sure were it is :P)

F. A. Q
why not just the technic launcher more poeple have it?
Whats the server ip
is there not already packs like this?
what are the server stats
are you looking for staff

Well the answer to that would have to be that i just found the curse launcher one day and i though about making a modpack on it because it had the option to and so i did
For the big packs like this one i have not found any that have the same mods and this one just includes the mods that i would like modpacks to have and what others want to
Not right now because the population is kinda low

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