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--Starry Skys--
A brand new skyblock server!! Me and a friend of mine
have decided we wanted to jump in heads first into the
skyblock scene,so we are new to this but dont fret
we have already spent a good amount of money on differnt
custom plugins!!We also have a really good builder!!
If you guys want to be apart of a fun,loving and even
competeivly brand new skyblock experience join us now!!

            --Custom Features--

1.McMMO(Pretty standard)
2.Advanced Custom enchants(Over 200 enchants!!)
3.Warzone(PvP area with key envoys every few hours!!)
4.Vaults(Large amounts of storage that players can unlock)
5.Quests(Fullfills your endless questing desires)
6.Island upgrades(Whacky stuff can happen 0o)
7.Pets( Tons of cute custom pets,more can be added later!!)
8.Auction House (Buy sell and trade here)
9.Rank upgrades and crate keys(Cause why not)
10.In game rank upgrade system!!
11.And more cause im not really sure about the rest XD
(Dev hiding some cool things 0.o)

              --wrapping up--

So we have alot of custom features even on day 1!! And we
want to invite you (The player) to come to our server and
make it better!! We will pour in all donations into getting
better custom features!! Cause all in all we just want to
have fun!!So come on in we cant wait to hear what cool
whacky features you guys and girls want to add!! This is
your owner signing off!!

             --Links & Media--

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