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Runic PvP

Runic PvP


Are you ready for a style of server you have never seen before? Well then welcome to Runic PvP! This is a server of Conquering! What will you choose? Will you train in the Thaumic Arts? Or will you explore the land looking for lost Artifacts? Will you tame you very own beast army to conquer rival factions? Will you conquer by Air, Land, or Sea? Will you create a faction or join one? Will your faction have allies or be solo? The choices are yours, welcome to Runic PvP!

Custom Modpack:
This server has its very own custom modpack!
It is full of fun magic/steampunk mods such as
Thaumcraft 4, Archimedes Ships, Lycanites mobs,
Tinkerer's Construct, Ars Magica 2 and many more! If you like magic, modded servers
then this is the server for you!

Fun Plugins:
As the owner of a modded server I have not forgotten
about what keeps a server together and that is plugins!
With our plugins you wont be hindered on the server but
rather given more mechanics! Our plugins such as Factions,
Bounty, MCMMO, Auctions, Item and Money banks and much
more make the server much better!

Player Driven Economy:
If you think this server has forgotten about Economy
then you thought wrong! Runic PvP not only has a
thriving economy but it is also mostly ran by you the
players! There is a small shop but has few items for
only essential needs. If you want money you will have to
work for it not just given to you!

Few to No Banned Items:
As a minecraft player myself I have been on tons of servers
in my lifetime. I know how it feels for the game to be hindered
and only what the owner says, goes. But not on Runic PvP! We
have only a few banned items but they are reasonable. These items
are the either buggy or OP items on the server that would give unfair
advantages. You will not feel hindered when you join Runic PvP!

Growing Community:
To be honest Runic PvP does not have many players active on the
server. That is why we need your help to bring it alive. We are trying to
get a good community as fast as we can but we need your help, the players!
New players are greatly appreciated on Runic PvP and still will be for as long
as the server stays online. But our community is growing!

How to get on the Server:

  1. Go to this link ( ) and download the technic launcher

  2. Once downloaded login like normal minecraft

  3. Then go to the modpacks tab and type in Official Runic PvP Modpack

  4. Then download the modpack and and press play!

Contact me through PMs of you still cannot get on the server

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