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Fractum: survive a broken world. Modpack instructi


Join today!
Join Fractum today! Getting setup is slightly trickier than your usual Minecraft server, but that sets us apart and makes the experience playing truly different. The Technic Pack is needed to play, and you need to add our custom modpack link in the add a new pack option of the launcher. The link to that pack, which you need to enter is:

The world itself is a shattered visage of a great realm, a dynamic map of which is visible at With over 70 new biomes, and custom generation features abundant, you will be able to survive with other players on the Rim and the Beyond. A 2000 block radius disk of land, growing thinner towards the edges, is all that truly remains of the old world, and the floating chunks of land orbiting it are lucrative-yet-deadly fragments of forsaken land. A Nether, an End, and a Skylands abound for exploration and conquering.

The prelude to Fractum gives a glimpse into the worlds downfall, and how the strange realm of Fractum and its commingled timelines came into being. The story of Fractum is evolving, and you can help shape it. Our forums are home to declarations of war, independence, and international politicking abundant. There are a legendary 100 blocks of Aether, life-force of the world itself, hidden in Fractum. They offer fantastic new powers to those who discover them, and with only 40 remaining in the world, the scramble is on to uncover the rest.

Enhanced Combat:
In Fractum, combat is forever changed. Using the dual-wielding of Battlegear, the enhanced movement capabilities of Smart Moving, and hundreds of custom-created mods and items, an entirely new frontier of killing is opened for all the world to see. Get out there and defend your nations, conquer others, or unlock the mysteries of Fratum as a whole.

Improved Transportation:
The ability to create custom airships of any size or shape, as well as over a hundred locomotives from the Traincraft mod, offer players new combat and transportation measures for exploring Fractum.

Fractum tracks statistics for all users, providing constantly updating information on your survivability, buildings, and general place in the world. Comes with custom achievements on our forums!

Town and Economy:
The world is a harsh place, and death may come swiftly at the hands of another player at any time. But no fear! With the power of an economy, money flows quickly and easily into the production of towns and nations. Link together with your friends into bands of civilization and fight off the rest of the world. In this regard, grief-protection is in the players hands.

Friendly Staff:
No donations will be solicited. No admins even play as operators. Everyone is on the same footing in Fractum all the time, and that is precisely how Tim, the resident admin and server operator, likes it. You will always be able to find help from the friendly community both in-game or on our forums.

We look forward to playing with you!

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