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GrimmCraft VOLTZ


Welcome to GrimmCraft VOLTZ - Part of the GrimmCraft Network!

When you join the server you will be greeted by our friendly players and staff, who will be nice and welcoming!

Un-like many servers who make you join as a guest we say that you join as the Member rank! This means that you feel more welcome on the server!

After gathering up all of those resources you can do to the large shop where you can sell all of your items at a good price! You can also get money by voting! £3000 in game cash PER DAY! You can use all of this cash in trades, or to buy things at the shop!

Our History:
A short while back GrimmCraft started as a small server running 1.5 bukkit minecraft. Shortly after this we made a nice spawn and started to advertise the server. Shortly after this Co-Owner, now an Owner, admad133 did /nuke, forgetting we had a plugin that makes the TNT effect a lot worse, and thus destroying everything!

After this happened grimm004 went into rage mode! Once he had finished raging we made a new spawn!

Quite a long time later we set the server to 1.6.4 and were waiting for a bukkit update to come out. In the mean time we made the server into Voltz and gave everyone that joined OP!

When the update to 1.7.2 came out we changed the server back to 1.4.2, however, after a short while of no-one coming on we decided that we would make the server Voltz!

So here we are today! A Voltz server that has a nice number of players online!

So that was probably the most pointless thing you will ever read in your life, sorry for wasting your time!

So to make up for that waist of time, why don't you actually try it out for yourself!

We would really like to be seeing you all on the server soon!


The GrimmCraft team.

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