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RageMC Tekkit Server

RageMC Tekkit Server


Rage Consists of an "OP"-Towny Server (Ore Generation is Buffed), Pixelmon, and Tekkit!
Voting websites will be up during the first week of the servers opening
All servers will be up at the same time (may I add 100% uptime)
Top 3 Voters / monthly get $25 coupon for shop
There will be at least 1 event weekly
We still need staff
Website is pretty much finished (a few more things)
Suggest Events now! (If featured, you will recieve a $5 coupon code [must be unique and not simple])
WEBSITE UPDATES - Opening point shop (You get points for posting on forums [Cant get in-game items])
We, as a staff team, want to thank you for your patience, and hope you enjoy the countless hours and effort that have gone into our servers.

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