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Welcome to krypticGaming. We are looking for members like you guys and Would love you to join are server.If you guys were to join are server are staff is thankful nice and amazing.We are looking for you guys to donate have fun and get along and play with each other.This is a greifing raiding and a pvp server. So have fun and come play with us.

Items banned:
Redmatter explosives/missiles
Item router
Matter Cannon
Elite Factory
Server ip :

Server Features:
Chest Shops (Admin Shops & Player Shops available)
Economy rewards for mining & killing mobs!
Transfer enchantments from items to books and vice-versa.
Tons of Donator perks including reserved slots & item/xp stuff!

Server Specs / Server Size:
dual Intel Xeon E5-2687w processors,
Nano Craft

Processors have a 3.8Ghz turbo frequency,
and a 8GT/s QPI speed,
10gb ram with SSDs,
1Gbps connections.

World Limits: No world limits, this limit may be decreased in the future.
Slot limit: 300 player slots | +10 reserved slots for Donators (310) total slots.


  • Do not annoy admins for items / OP / GM. We are not here to give you things we are here to moderate the server.
  • Do not ask staff to enchant items for you.
  • Do not use profanity (swearing ) in chat
  • Do not Bully other players in chat. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use all CAPS in chat. It is perceived as shouting.
  • Listen to admins. Disrespectful talk towards an admin / member of staff will not be met kindly.
  • No griefing spawn.
  • No Hacks
  • Do not spam TP requests to players / staff. (it's annoying )
  • No spamming in chat
  • No advertising in chat
  • Please don't shout hacks in chat when you get raided / killed. If you have a problem with a player please come on team speak and report it to a member of staff.
  • Players have access to invisibility potions. if you are being griefed by something you can’t see it’s not an admin
  • Admins never raid players so if you get raided it was by a player and not a member of staff.
  • Impersonation of ANY staff member will result in a permanent ban.
  • Duping of any kind.

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