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Invasion ClosedBeta - Official Server


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It's a modpack based on the invasion mod which allows you to start wave based mob invasions. It's going to be every wave harder to keep the control on everything, so your goal is to defend the Nexus until it's getting destroyed by the horde of mobs.
So I made a custom minigame plugin for the mod to play multiple invasions across many different arenas in the same time. And to make it easier, you can use 8 different kits to defend it.

To join you need to download our Official Modpack in the Technic Launcher.
The Modpack comes with an Official Server accessable right from the main menu.
Modpack on TechnicPlatform:

If you didn't hear about Technic before, you can download it here:
When you downloaded it, you can login with your normal Minecraft account, then go on Modpacks and search for "Invasion OpenBeta" or paste in our API link:

More Info:

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