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DragonCraftMC {Survival}


DragonCraftMC [Tekkit Classic Server] [Survival] [Few Banned Items] [Custom Plugins and Patches]

Hey come checkout my Tekkit Classic server. I put a lot of work tweaking out all of the bugs and trying to make it so players have the best Tekkit Classic experience. I have put in a lot of work to try to give players a premium Tekkit Classic playstyle without limiting the players in any way. Also I refuse to use a "Fake Player" plugin to simulate there are a bunch people on the server cough cough mc-complex. So I hope you come and check it out!

My main reason for creating this server is to bring back one of my favorite mod packs back. I really don't want this modpack to die. I've met some great people while creating this server and running it and I hope to meet some more!




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