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DeVco Attack of the BTeam 1.0.12a (Recommended) Visit our Website at

Server Specs: Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 (4 cores / 8 Threads) Ivy Bridge Frequency: 3.4GHz+ (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) RAM: 32 GB DDR3 Rules:

Banned Items:

General Info: Thank you for visiting our server promotion thread. We have a fairly large community on a new server recently started by a well experienced staff team. They know their stuff and are easily approachable!

We are using MyTown to protect your land PVP survival server. PVP is not allowed in towns. Quickshop is installed for easy shopping. Be sure to checkout the /warp mall Voting for our server rewards you with points you can use for purchasing special items. Server donation shop with a diverse set of kits/ranks to choose from Several ranks in game which unlock banned items and more commands. Promotions are automated based on play time

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