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Omnicraft Tekkit [24G RAM][240 Slots][Few Banned I



Omnicraft Tekkit server! [TEKKIT SPACE]
Few Banned items and NO restricted items! Professionally Hosted!

Banned Items:

Chunk Loader - Potential lag
Land Marks - Potential lag
Dynamite - Griefing bypass
Cannon Balls - Griefing bypass
Turtles - Griefing bypass
Lux Capacitor - Griefing bypass
Rocket Launcher - Griefing bypass
Fishing Rod (MineFactory) - Griefing bypass
Matter Cannon - Griefing bypass
Battle Axe - Overpowered PvP bypass
Interdiction Matrix - Overpowered PvP bypass
Auto Workbenches - Banned item bypass
Slimeling Inventory - Bag Duplication glitch
Minium Stone - Prevent economy inflation
Flails - Server Error, Player Crashes
Force Field Projector - Server errors, server lag, ultimately server crash

We are currently working on ways to unban as many of these items as possible, as well as keeping as many items unbanned as possible. Please be patient.

Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors are disabled due to random dimensions causing server crashes and errors.


We are a friendly server with a small staff team, running 1.2.9e Tekkit Space, with no additional mods required. We use towny to give our members an added sense of protection, as well as LWC, however if your items aren't properly protected THEY WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED, meaning if you can break it, you can TAKE IT. We strongly recommend covering conduits and ducts with Micro Block Covers. We run on 24 gigs of ram hosted in switzerland. Visit the website for more info today! W have McMMO, an unbreakable economy, and PvP IS enabled!

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