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pin_drop (private server)

Hello and welcome to Radiation-mc running Radium 1.0.9, a custom modpack made by DemonBeast98! It contains 195 mods ranging from galacticraft to thaumcraft and even to applied energistics. We like the idea of being able to control the modpack that we play on, that is why the server owner is also the modpack creator! It gives us the flexibility to change and tweak as we see fit, and yes, everyone has a say in what goes on in the modpack! Of course, that is, once you are whitelisted and play on the server!

We try to keep the banned items to a minimum, the only banned items should be those that can either dupe items or destroy claimed land that is not yours,

Basic Rules:
Be friendly
Use Common sense
Don't ask to be a staff member (More players = more open positions)

The world is pre-generated in order to reduce any exploration lag!


Server Website:

Whitelist application:

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