This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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HelixMC Pixelmon

HelixMC Pixelmon+ 1.10.2 | Your Pixelmon Server!

Technic Launcher

Technic Launcher

Technic Launcher
Java Settings

Java Settings

Get Java 1.8 64-Bit and Run on 2GB Minimum RAM
Spawn Preview 1

Spawn Preview 1

Spawn Preview 1


About the Server:

A custom modded Pixelmon Server running on 1.10.2 Sponge and the new Pixelmon 5.0.1, with many Mods and a very exciting experience. PvE Server for no griefing. High quality servers means no lag.

Website Link
Modpack Technic Link
Discord Voice Server

How to Play / Join the Server

Before you start:

  • Make sure you download Java 1.8 64-Bit. Download Java Here
  • Assign 2GB of RAM or more in Launcher Options

Using Technic Launcher:

Our Modpack is supported & hosted on the Technic Launcher. Even though we host our own Launcher, you may use Technic instead.

  • Download and get the Technic Launcher
  • Click the MODPACK tab, and type HelixMC
  • Click the Install button to download and install the modpack.
  • Click the Play button, and get rolling!

Using HelixMC Launcher:

About the HelixMC Launcher:
We have our own Launcher to ensure the fastest and most secure way to provide you modpacks and new content. Our Content Delivery Network ensures fast Modpack downloads. Our launcher connects securely to Mojang to log you in.

Links to HelixMC Launcher:
Link to Launcher Page
Direct Link for Windows
Direct Link for MAC OS/Linux/Windows

What makes us the best?

  • No Lag
  • Daily Bronze Loot Crate
  • Many Kits to choose from
  • Loot Crates giving you tons of rewards
  • Chat Tags to customize your experience
  • OP Voting Prize Crates, every time you vote!
  • A thriving economy
  • Best Servers hardware
  • The friendliest community you will find by a long shot :)
  • HelixMC community never judges you
  • Survival PvE. No Griefing.
  • Multiple Worlds. Spawn, Pixelmon World, Resource World, Nether
  • 30+ Mods to customize your experience
  • Chat Tags to customize your experience #AwesomeDude!
  • Wonder Trade
  • Pixelmon Auctions
  • Prize Loot Crates
  • Lottery
  • Economy
  • Chest Shops
  • Server Shop
  • Tons of Rewards

The Geeky Stuff:

Based in France (Good EU and NA Ping)
32GB of Dedicated RAM to 1 Server
Fast Intel i7 6700K OC Processor
Optimized Pixelmon Server for No Lag & 100% Uptime!

Best Pixelmon server ever !
No lag, rewards, good community !
Love them.
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
Great server! Fun to play with a variety of tasks you can do! Sophisticated and professional staff to help you with your needs!
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
I LOVE this server. Its a pretty new one, I found out!
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
I didnt think servers could run on 1.10.2... and i didnt think I would find any server running latest Pixelmon. Love this! Wonderful experience.
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
It's a pretty new server with the latest version of Pixelmon and very new Minecraft. You should hop on here too cos its like no other server. ~James
Posted 22nd Apr 2017