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Cyber Punk



Cyber Punk - A professional and fun Tekkit Classic server with one goal: provide a place to enjoy Tekkit in its full glory without being bogged down with banned items or donator only items. Our mission is to combine community and gameplay into a fair and balanced system.

Ranks (Earnt with time):


Each rank offers a new daily kit to claim. The lore behind the ranks is that you are a new recruit fresh out of college in a Cybernetics company. You climb up the ranks earning great riches as you go, only to find out more about a devious plot.

With Towny, Grief Prevention, and LWC, you are essentially impossible to grief here on Cyber Punk. But even if a disaster were to open, we can easily rollback any damage done.

We are in need for many staff, so if you feel up to the task make sure to play on the server for a few hours before applying.

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