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MagmaGaming Voltz Network


Hello! And welcome to the magmagaming Voltz server! Join today to meet a new style of playing Minecraft and make some new friends! Take over the world and crush your enemies today!

=+=+General Rules=+=+ spamming hacking
3.dont spam commands respectful to staff and players
5.dont abuse bugs/dupes
6.check out the full rules in-game @ /warp rules

=+=+What We Do Best=+=+
We try our hardest as the staff of this server to give our players a clean,fun,and enjoyable style of playing the voltz modpack.

Voting gives decent in game items!
Donations are extremely helpful to keep the server up: and we also have a forums where u can apply for staff or report players and more!

Please come out today or leave a vote to support the server!

This server is DDOS protected :P

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