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Andromeda MC


Andromeda MC is a server for the players who just like to play and not have the fear of being griefed or raided, we have a great range of plug-ins such as:
-Grief prevention
-Chest Shop
-Killer money and a lot more plug-ins to help enhance you're experience.

As the server is brand new, there might be a few issues with certain permissions that have not been added to the groups, if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact the server owner or other staff members. We are also looking for other staff members to join our server, the staff ranks are (lowest to highest):
If you are interested, when you join the server /msg or /mail wilkey2012 (owner) to be considered. All new staff members will start at Watchman and will be promoted if/when more trust is gained.

There is a Auto rank system on the server, you will be ranked up based on the hours played on the server (please note AFK time will not be counted), the ranks are as follows:
-Member 0Hrs
-Trusted 1Hrs
-Technician 3Hrs
-Engineer 6Hrs
-Tinkerer 11Hrs
-Occultist 18Hrs
-Sorcerer 28Hrs
-Specialist 48Hrs
-Honored VIP 60Hrs
-Superhuman 80 Hrs
-Overlord 100Hrs +

We hope you see you on the server!!

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