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CraftMine's Isla


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Imagine if Minecraft was beautiful, yet faster and smoother than the lightest of modpacks. Imagine a world where your sense of adventure is reignited yet is still familiar, giving you the nostalgia of when you first tried Vanilla. CraftMine isn't your ordinary pack - this is the future of Minecraft, made possible now.

  • Pick up and play: No wiki required to know how to play this pack No Wiki

  • Leaves Breathtaking atmosphere: With a custom "sound engine" and resources, we've made the game aware of your surroundings, what you're stepping on, your pain, etc... and made the game respond to that with a huge amount of visuals and sounds. Never has an adventure been so immersive. Bird

  • Custom experience: All of the mods in the pack have been configured differently to their defaults, with some mods even being modified by our dev. team and some mods exclusively made for the pack.

  • Built-in server: An official server with an impressive spawn, showcasing the very best of CraftMine, including a stage with live music performances, the beautiful Sandy Bridge beach and epic minigames on the paradise known as the H-shaped "Isla". Tropical drink :)

Why not try the pack for yourself and see what you're missing? ;)

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