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Lonks Minecraft server is a great minecraft server that offers everything to everyone!
If you like something about minecraft, we have it!

Lonks has Multiple worlds which you can play on.
The worlds we offer:

The spawn world is just a basic world with some information about the server. This is the world that you will start in and this is where you can walk into a portal to chose another world.

The pvp world is a survival world which has the Factions plugin on it. PvP, griefing, raiding, Tnt, Firespread and all that fun stuff is allowed on this world. This world is for the fighters that like to take a risk!

The safe world is also a survival world but on this world griefing is not allowed and pvp is disabled. Firespread and tnt are both disabled on this world. Lockette chest protection is enabled on this world. Any griefers on this world will be banned and will be rolled back with our block protection plugin.

The Kitpvp world is a pvp world which you can chose some kits, when you get kills you will earn points and when you die you can chose another kit. You will lose nothing when you die. We have our own LonksKit plugin which is unique and has some great features, enjoyable for those that like to pvp without the risk of being raided.

The Nether world is linked with the pvp world. Griefing, pvp and raiding are all allowed on this world. If you need nether supplies but don't want to take the risk then you could buy some from the server store!

The Creative world is a creative plot world where players can build on their protected plots without the risk of other players building there. You can add your friends to your plot if you would like them to build with you.

The MiniGames world offers a variety of different MiniGames. Some MiniGames that we have are:
spleef, parkour, maze, MobArena, Battlenight (TDM) and much more! we are updating the server all time time. If you have any requests for new MiniGames then post the suggestion on the forums!

The VIP world is a custom world for the players that donate for the VIP rank. More information about this world is on our website.

Lonks has a lot of great players and plugins!
We have got a good staff team that are always willing to help. We are always open for new staff, if you would like to apply for staff please write an application on our forums. Here's a link!

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