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Apocalyptic Gaming (Modded 1.2.5-1.6.4 Network)

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Lower Level

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Lower Pathway

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We are a multi-server vanilla and modded network spanning from mc versions 1.2.5 to 1.6.4.
We host modpack servers from technic, curse, atl, and ftb.

  • Multiple game modes.
  • Worlds for factions, towny, survival, griefing, raiding, pve & pvp, skyblock, and more.
  • Custom plugins.
  • Economy system with admin shops, player shops, buyable plots, key & crate rewards, and more.
  • Nothing is banned for profit or donor unlocks. Server is non pay2win.
  • Vote for the server, get instant rewards, rank up, get perks, save points, use points for donor ranks.
  • And so much more!

This listing is for the following servers:

  • Agrarian Skies
  • Attack of the B-team
  • Tekkit Space/MAIN
  • Yogscast Complete
    You can access all of these servers by connecting to 164.APOCGAMING.ORG and typing /server to select your server.

Other servers:

  • Tekkit Classic: 125.APOCGAMING.ORG:26885
The TPPI server is quite but with the use of Global Chat it keeps everyone social :)

-Da_Spud 2k18
Posted 10th Jan 2018
The staff insult players needing help.
Heres proof

Its a shame they are jackholes in the highest order.
Posted 27th Dec 2017
New TPPI Server just opened! Spawn built, shops nearly done, the prime spots to build are still open! Come join us at
Posted 16th Nov 2017
The server is pretty great, it has pretty much no lag and has some pretty neat plugins. You can get donator stuff for free, which I haven't really seen on other networks. The staff on the server are great, helpful and kind. My only issue is the occasional lag spikes, and that some items are not able to crafted and you can only get through keys (Like the hardened strongbox).
Posted 23rd Jul 2017
Fantastic Server, great community with regulars always willing to help new comers, staff are a friendly and active bunch that will always respond to questions and complaints. 100% Recommend.
Posted 22nd Jul 2017
This server is very well made!
You can play with a lot of different modpacks and there are very few banned items.
The staff answered my questions immediately and kindly.
If you like minecraft multiplayer I recommend this server!
Posted 5th Jul 2017
This network focuses on providing the best experience for it's players. That is why I joined, and why I am still here. They listen to the players and their suggestions, and have high quality servers with no lag.
Posted 26th May 2017
I love this server they have fun commands and a plugin that allows for the economy to be used on each of their servers as well as a easy way to make money through mining, cutting wood, smelting, killing mobs, killing players :) so fun. Also the staff are nice.
Posted 12th May 2017