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CobbleCraft[Modded 1.6.4][PvP/PvE/Towny][100 Slot]


Here is the Modpack link: Cobble craft is hand molded mod to appeal to the person who wants to be immersed. We have spent countless hours getting everything right. We wanted an economy that wouldn't collapse and a ranking system with perks that someone couldn't buy or exploit their way into. The server is geared towards magic and medieval times. You have four choices of magic to choose from, Ars Magica 2, Witchery (Updated), ThaumCraft, Blood Magic. The way the ranking system is structured to have the players spend time on the mods of their choice and be able to extend the game play without getting bored or hitting end game in the period of a day. As you rank up you will have to interact with the economy, Every rank comes with its own set of perks such as being able to start a nation or to put bounties on players. Some of the higher ranks will enable you to use certain commands such as /EC to access your enderchest from anywhere or /bench to access the crafting table from anywhere. There are several terrain generation mods adding an assortment of pirate ship, towers, houses, and villages with their own respected friendly and hostile mobs. Our economy is based on items that have to be farmed, Cotton, melons, pumpkins and a few other items that take a bit of risk to get. The current economy is set up to keep someone with an X-ray from advancing faster than any other users that choose to play legit.

It's all up to you to choose and follow your destiny, so what are you waiting for? Come join us on CobbleCraft!

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