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Oblivion Voltz

Oblivion Voltz 1.12.2 || PVP/Raid/Grief


Oblivion Voltz 1.12.2 - Modpack Here

After long weeks of dedicated hard work we have created a new modpack and server that is great for everybody, simply Voltz 1.0 but better! We have found numerous bugs and patched them all to give you a better experience. We have also gone out of our way to ensure the server will stay at 20.0 TPS 24/7.

Install the modpack

Great Uptime
Minimal Banned Items
Moon Enabled
Mars Enabled
Deep Dark Enabled
Space Stations Enabled
Bugs Patched
No Lag
Stable Economy

Vote rewards:

10 diamond
24 bronze
24 steel
24 iron
24 gold
24 Uranium
12 Dark Matter
8 AM 125 MG

Join today and this will be the last Voltz server you will ever play on!

The best place to relive that classic Voltz experience, but in 1.12! Oblivion is an experienced server owner, which shows in features such as custom playermines. Come see it for yourself!
Posted 13th Sep 2019
Voltz the classic and 1.12.2 the modern a mashup of the century and on Oblivion networks which is a community of hardcore modded Minecraft players such as Kibbles this one will be a good one join the server and have a good time ill be seeing you there.
Posted 11th Sep 2019
Great server, its great to finally experience a modern version of Voltz
Posted 3rd Sep 2019