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We here at MegaVoltz strive to bring you a top notch Voltz server. We offer custom plugins, patched mods, friendly staff, and a great community. What more could you ask for? We are set around you, yes you; The players are our motivation to continue running the servers. We take any and all requests and love to get feedback. We're looking forward to seeing some new faces!


1.) No spamming or bypassing the chat filter
2.) No advertisement of any kind
3.) No exploitation of any bugs
4.) Respect all players and staff alike
Full set of rules in game

Vote Rewards

5 Diamonds
16 Steel
16 Bronze
12 TNT
16 Concrete
125MG of antimatter
5 Grenades

Patched Items

Electric Chests
Mekanism Dupe
Obsidian TNT dupe
Matter Cannon
All powersuit modules
Moon & Spacestations
Deep Storage Units
All routers

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