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Nuts and Bolts


Nuts and Bolts is a community produced Kitchen sink pack with a focus on rewarding exploration and ongoing balancing based on continuing feedback from ALL players.We have customized nearly every mod, made thousands of balance tweaks from small to large. We also have a custom mod called BBTweaks the modpack developers have created to assist in this which enables some new blood magic ritual, an in game economy system optional, additional bloodmagic and botania tweaks and an ingame guide to all the changes that have been made, listed by mod.For exploration, This pack also includes nearly 100 new unique structures compiled by the best builders we could find all with unique loot. This, combined with some tweaked worldgen ATG+extrabiomesXL makes for a very rewarding overworld exploration experience. We have customized our loot tables with nearly 1000 entries, no more bread and cobwebs for braving the nether fortress in your iron armor. Weve also greatly expanded upon galacticraft with some highly customized oregen in those dimensions. The liquid redstone lakes of Mars are a must See!The pack has been maintained and updated for nearly a year and continues to have update passes for all mods every two weeks.Balance is a very subjective term. To us, it isnt about nerfing everything, but rather finding a harmony between mods, their difficulty and what they offer. To this end weve re-balanced some magic mods as well, Botania may be a bit harder, blood magic early game a bit easier but fully automating blood a bit harder. Weve balanced some tech mods Were looking at you RFtools, Mekanism, draconic evolution and weve boosted some of the old favorites like IC2 nuclear, Buildcraft and Forestry generations to be more comparable to newer mods. All the key changes are outlined in the in-game book and are constantly re-evaluated to try and ensure the best play experience possible.If youre looking for a pack that has it all, is supported by experienced staff members, and continues to grow in response to your feedback then Nuts and Bolts is where its at!
Want to get involved or report an issue
Our github is located at:
our Subreddit for the breakin blocks dev community:

and we are also on irc breakinblocks as well as our Teamspeak listed on our subreddit.

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