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Medieval Times: Empires Rising


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Hosted and supported by Digital Hazards, Modpack was based off of Medieval Times but Revamped and upgraded to give you awesome new tools and new ways to claim and protect your reputation!

Things you should know:

Medieval Times is a PVP Based Modpack without the hassle of technology.

You are able to setup your own Fort where you can create, Build and Defend the resources surrounding you.

Ranks have the ability to give you in-game advantages which can help you build and become stronger than others on the server! You can find these ranks Here





Server Specifications:

  • 64GB DDR4 (16GB Dedicated)
  • Intel I7-7700K Quad Core 4.8GHZ
  • SSD Drives Raid 0
  • 30GBPS DDOS Protection
  • 1GB Network Connection
  • Crash Prevention
  • Unlimited Player Slots
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Docker Optimised
  • Multi-Threaded Java optimisation
The server really was a great server. If you wanted a fighting experience, some drama, and to gear yourself and a town out this was the server for you. I had many great times on the server, and will always remember the Medieval Times servers that I was on.
Posted 5th Jun 2017
Awesome server! Great when you have a lot of friends and want to work together!
Posted 10th Apr 2017