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Creature Craft Modded Hub


Creature Craft is a group of high quality modded and non-modded Minecraft servers it was first started 3 years ago with just a mo' creatures server and we have grown a lot since then we have just launched the new modded hub project and right now we have Mo' Creatures and Pixelmon servers with many more on the way all linked to the same hub! We work very hard to keep everything fun and lag free so come join us and have some fun!!

Mo' Creatures Server: (1.7.10) forge:
The Mo' Creatures server is a survival server setup with only the Mo' Creatures mod by dr zhark we have both pvp and non pvp wrapped into the same server so everyone can have fun! We have many plugins and mini games such as Hunger games, Pvp arenas, and many economy based plugins!

Pixelmon Server: (1.7.10) forge:
The pixelmon server is a survival server setup with the pixelmon mod as well as a few of the side mods we try to make sure there are always gym leaders online and host events has much as we can! Once you join all you have to do is walk out of spawn, build your house and catch em all!!!

Modpack Server:
The modpack server is a server setup with a huge variety of mods there are alot of mods so there is always something to do and new mods to try we try to keep everything up to date so come on do some magic, raise a dragon whatever you fancy!!!

What do we have planned?
We have many many servers planned from a mod pack server to a flat land survival server so always stay on the lookout as more and more servers pop up!!!

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