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Five Kingdoms Tekkit Lite


Five Kingdoms Tekkit Lite [few banned items] [ friendly staff] [griefprevention] [bungee] [towny] - We are experienced server managers and have a 2 server bungee experience for the Tekkit Lite modpack!

Total Trash. No clear way to do anything in these "kingdoms", full lack of information, too many banned items with very unstable servers that crash way too often and to top it off, they reset the main map every 3 to 4 months totally undoing all your hard work.

The staff are ok'ish and friendly enough, but are very underpowered and unknowledgeable of basic server operations to the point of frustration when they repeatedly tell you they are unable to help you due to lack of permissions or just no knowledge of the numerous issues that go on regular.

Their economy is useless as the shop system is pretty much non existent due to lack of player involvement and they force you to vote to earn in game money else you have to donate on there donation site. forcing players to buy claim blocks to protect their base using ingame money that you are required to vote for in order to obtain, making it a "forced pay to win server".

Five Kingdoms is a "out of the box" Tekkit Lite server with little to no customisation despite what they promise and advertise. They have banned items that there are clearly patches for out there on the interwebs (simple google search), but they have no competent developer to implement anything beyond changing YML configuration files.

Bottom line is that Five Kingdoms is a "money grab" with little server owner involvement and even less actual help from fake admins.
Posted 11th Jul 2016