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Tekkro | 32GB RAM | Great Staff | Few Banned Items


Tekkro Gaming Network

this server is gr8
but items that are usefull for the modpack are banned
Posted 1st Jan 2018
Great server, people are always on, many places to raid! Such a great server, I recommend anyone that likes raiding, building factories, finding friends to join this server!
Posted 2nd Mar 2017
This is a great server the only problem is you have to vote on 25 days to get swiftwolfs ring. Other than that the staff are great and really helpful. World anchors are not banned which is a nice feature and they are balanced with a high price. The people on the server are also really helpful.
Posted 18th Feb 2017
It's a nice server, but the people are fucking trashy and they don't know how to take a joke and also nobody's ever on it SUCKS
Posted 17th Dec 2016
lel this is nice server im play a 1 year
Posted 15th Aug 2016