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The Better Mianite Server


The reason this we would welcome anyone and everyone to our server is all in the name. It's the better mianite server, better than all the other servers and even the official Mianite server, yeah go ahead and delete that one and join ours! Fully PVE world for everyone to explore and play with all the mods, featured plugins are GriefPrevention, Essentials, and NoCheatPlus! We could have stopped there with the plugins but no, we have MORE, you just have to find them by joining our server! We currently NEED staff, accepting applications as soon as i meet you in game, name in game is gmkesler. See me on anytime, just write your application in a book and quill, sign it and tell me and i will get to you asap! To get on this modpack, you must search for Realm of Mianite in the technic pack and download the one with the blue circle and sword in the center. Once you've downloaded it you must open it and wait a bit for everything to configure. Then you must go to multiplayer and type in the ip, to join our server!

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