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Atomic Tekkit


Survival - NO lag - NO banned items - Friendly Staff - Custom Plugins - EMC Farms

The staff are awesome! Always willing to help, and online most of the time. There are no banned items, and griefing in non-existant! The economy is strong, the community helpful and respectful. Server reliability is pretty good too, considering the lack of banned items. Overall, it's probably THE best tekkit server available :D
Posted 14th Jan 2018
The server is okay the players are sorta rude I don't like how the server goes offline for a while after it gets reset well that's my review.
Posted 4th Jan 2018
Absolutely in love with this server! Have been playing on here for the past few hours, and so far everyone has been real nice to me! Very friendly staff, and basically no banned items! 10/10 would play again! :)
Posted 28th Dec 2017
I really love this server, I mean they have Mob arena's, great, active staff, no lag, It doesn't constantly crash, The owner is very active and the end also gets reset every now and then

Oh and also the end gets reset.. I mean I've looked for a server for a very long time and found that this one is by far the best!
Posted 28th Dec 2017